Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 (HomeKit) – Unboxing, Setup, Siri!

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The new Philips Hue Bridge is available and we take it out of the box, transfer settings from the old Hue bridge to the new one and try out a few holiday-themed scenes with Siri.

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Aside from the obvious physical changes, new internal hardware and firmware, not much has changed with the new Philips Hue bridge aside from adding support for Apple’s HomeKit home automation framework. The widely-acclaimed Philips Hue line of products is one of the larger line-ups of home automation products to get HomeKit support. Of course, as HomeKit requires new encryption and new chips to control it all, existing Hue users must upgrade to the new bridge for Siri commands to work with their iOS devices.

Existing Philips Hue users can get a discount on the new Hue HomeKit Bridge, see this page for details:

It’s widely believed that this new bridge will also work with Nest’s home automation platform, Weave/Brillo/Thread—say that five times fast—but no official word yet from Philips.

The new HomeKit-enabled Philips Hue Bridge is simple to setup, and transferring your lights, scenes and settings from an old Hue bridge is seamless and easy. The process takes roughly five minutes or so, which is mostly edited out in our video. Once your new bridge is setup, the app prompts you to reset the old bridge, and that’s it…you’re done!

We made a few new Halloween and holiday-themed scenes to show off Siri and HomeKit in action and demonstrate controlling aspects of a single light, too.

We’ll have a full review of the new Hue HomeKit Bridge coming up soon, and check out our Lutron Caseta review to see more of HomeKit in action!


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  1. Hi there! You create great content. I just bought this to work with google home. The two white lights that came with the kit work fine but I bought an additional 3rd Gen Philips Hue Color bulb and it won't pair with the bridge. I have downloaded the GH App and the PH app and both do not locate the color bulb. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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