Chattanooga laptop repair of a HP DV9700 Bricked BIOS repair fixing the no video BIOS brick

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18 thoughts on “Chattanooga laptop repair of a HP DV9700 Bricked BIOS repair fixing the no video BIOS brick”

  1. hi..
    i have laptop dv9700 same problem i see ur video and i copy the driver as well but i dnt have a floppy driver..can i do this from cd drive..if yes than how can do that plz tell me..?

  2. OK, so I figured out the files and got mine working, so I thought I would share some information that will hopefully help someone else. I have the DV9700z and I used the f.35 update from hp .com's driver downloads found currently at this URL:

    …Then did the following:
    1. Download Phoenix BIOS Crisis Recovery Disk from
    2. Extract the zip files from the download into a folder on your desktop
    3. Plug in your USB Floppy drive and insert a floppy disk (I tried multiple USB thumb drives and they did not work for me)
    5. Extract the files from the bios download from HP using WinZip or another similar software. Once this is completed, locate the file with the .wph file extension and copy it.
    6. Paste the file in the folder that you created on your desktop. Delete the BIOS.WPH file in the folder of files you extracted and rename your .wph file to BIOS.WPH
    7. Run the WINCRIS.EXE file
           *Choose the option to Create MINIDOS Crisis Disk
           *Click Start
           *Click OK on the formatting message
    8. Next the floppy formatting dialogue will come up. Leave all settings to their default and uncheck Quick Format (512 bytes/sector, FAT File system, Default allocation size)
    9. Once completed, you will get a confirmation message that the Crisis Recovery Diskette was Successfully Created
    10. Unplug the USB Floppy drive from the working computer and plug it into your laptop
    11. With the battery removed and the power cord disconnected, hold the Windows key + b, plug in the power cord and push the power button (while still holding Win+b)
    12. After pushing power, continue to hold Win+b for 5-7 seconds then let go and your floppy should start reading the files
    13. You should get one long and two short beeps to start with and when it is done you should get another long beep
    14. Once done, your laptop should shutdown. Reboot and it should be good to go.

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