Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat Update: Best Features!

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Android 7.0 Nougat is headed to the Samsung Galaxy S7 + S7 edge. Here’s our roundup of the top features that’ll be coming to one of the best phones of 2016!

More on GS7 Nougat features:

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat Update: Best Features!”

  1. if you like the look and feel and features of 6.0 in s7 or s7 edge then do not update. i repeat do not update
    the auto brightness button goes, the favourites in message and phone goes, the notification display becomes worse, the icons dont feel good, too much white in settings

  2. It wiped all my data, pics, messages, calendars out! I woke up in the morning to find out that I have a phone with zilch data! Besides, there is no option of adding another language to a virtual keyboard. I am stuck with English, French and Korean! What kind of b"""t is that?! I hate Nougat 7!

  3. can you please explain how to keep all the apps on home screen like it used to be earlier which could be turned on from galaxy labs.i can't find it after nougat update… please help

  4. The update seems to have deleted all of my keyboard shortcuts and this feature that I used daily seems to have gone. (writing 'tell for example, would bring up my number but now adding these shortcuts seems to have gone. Or am I missing something? Can you advise?

  5. i just received the nougat update for the s7 active and the transition is far from seamless. it rendered many of my third party apps unusable (constant crashing) that uninstalling and reinstalling didn't fix. after backing everything up and undergoing a factory reset, it froze on the first boot. i had to hard restart twice for it to boot up properly after the factory reset.

  6. stay away from this update. you'll lose about half of your battery and makes the phone SLOOOOOOW. Seriously, the phone drags serious ass now. really wish I could go back as the two things that are paramount, speed and battery, are FAR worse. this is from multiple phones, not just mine.

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