Two ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S4 3000mAh Batteries and Charger!

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UPDATE: There is a version of this battery with NFC!
They are 2,600mAh though! –
That’s the same as the stock battery, but you get 2!

Best price here:

Don’t mind having a HUGE battery on your phone?

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31 thoughts on “Two ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S4 3000mAh Batteries and Charger!”

  1. Man, it's absurd to make a video about the battery if you don't even know how much can it lasts… Dude, make some test first and later come here to talk about it…. Jesus! O_O

  2. I just got these in for my old gs4 and one thing I DID notice is that, not only does the battery last a lot longer, it also increases the speed of the phone!! I didn't know that a depleted or low lasting battery would also affect performance on the phone. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone…

  3. Hi wwjoshdew.Thank you for sharing experience.Do you know if this charger is also compatible with Samsung S 3 mini?Cause I bought the battery but I can't find a charger of zero lemon specific for Samsung s 3 mini.

  4. i have one and it does create a hump but it isnt realy noticable if your not looking for it. and i have a question about your charger, i have the charger but i only have two prongs charging. whats going on? and my battery isnt lasting as long as people are saying

  5. The batteries did in fact cause a bulge in my back cover and it really pisses me off. I'm afraid that over time of I keep using them, it's going to distort my cover plate and cause it to be uneven or loose in some way. I really don't want to have to replace the cover plate. The wall charger is cool though. It didn't take too terribly l long to charge my batteries.

  6. this is an odd question. I am currently using two batteries 1 is a generic Samsung battery and the other one is the stock battery. I have an external charger for either battery to charge on as well as the doc to charge the whole phone.
    now here's the full question.
    with the stock battery I can charge it 2 100 percent and put it in my pocket and it stays at 100 percent but with the generic one it loses some charge even though its not on the dock or inside the phone charging, do the zerolemon batteries hold a charge when idolized after charging?

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