Visiting 6 floors of Art Supplies at Sekaido Shinjuku | Tokyo Day 4

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Sekaido Shinjuku is a huge art store that’s every artist should visit while in Tokyo. After shopping there, I sketched around Shinjuku, found a food alley that led to Hanazono Shrine.

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0 thoughts on “Visiting 6 floors of Art Supplies at Sekaido Shinjuku | Tokyo Day 4”

  1. OMG – I was flipping out seeing that art supply store, We have nothing like that in the UK. There are a couple of small art stores in the city but the town where I live has only a stationery shop with 2 shelves of student grade art supplies and no flippin brushes.

  2. Wow !! I love the art store, I am so surprised on how much control you have to have only bought 2 items.. giggle : ) I do have to say you are in a beautiful city and so clean.I do love your sketch work, it blows me away on how you put it all together. Let's hope I can do the same… thank you for sharing and inspiring me.Hugs from Canada

  3. Your travel sketches from Tokyo get more detailed and interesting each day. The work from Day 4 is outstanding. I am really enjoying these travel videos.

  4. 你好!不知道你是不是华裔会讲中文吗?我现在用钢笔在水彩纸上画画,即使用了鲶鱼永恒黑或者写乐极黑,水彩纸有一面还是不防水,会晕开。想请问下你有遇到这样的情况吗?有解决的办法吗?谢谢!

  5. great sketches ! Teoh
    one of my favorite art suplies
    yeah I agree with you some art materials are overpriced
    sorry about smokers …
    actually in some areas is prohibiting smoking all public spaces except in designed smoking area and some family restaurant and coffe house offer smoking and non smoking sections but unfortunately places like bar ( izakaya )are not restrict smoking .
    before you order a meal you can ask if the place are or not smoking
    simple question
    ”kien desu ka ?”=( is )no smoking ?
    ”kitsuen desu ka?”= ( is) smoking ?
    have a nice day

  6. One thing that has struck me in your videos is that I would need help. I know nothing about trains or mass transit. Sadly none of this is available in my rural area.

    That art supply store was amazing. I remember a stationary store from my childhood in Lemoyne, PA that had many rooms of stuff, but it was nothing like this. WOW! I could spend hours in that store in Tokyo.

  7. Great sketches and great tour too! b( ^_^)b Must've been hard keeping the wallet closed in Sekaido lol. Whenever you visit the United States again, the Farlex free online dictionary has a search feature to look up English idioms. And believe me people will use idioms in abundance here. I use that search feature myself cuz someone somewhere always has an expression that I can't quite understand.

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